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Zombie Attack Premium v1.0.0.0


Zombie Attack Premium v1.0.0.0

Requirements: 4.0+

Kill the zombies who want to kill you!
2D graphics reminiscent of the current games. Game style platform with shooting.
Detonate all the zombies you can and collect all vaccines to get a good score!

OF POWER UP SYSTEM: When you kill a zombie has chance to drop one power up! While collecting power up Leap Double you’ll jump 2x higher; getting easier to dodge the zombies. Collect the ammo boxes to not end their ammunition. Collect the rocket to kill multiple zombies at once.

STAGES: The game has 5 major phases in plataform format 2D, soon arrived more phases. major phases with checkpoints.

ACHIEVEMENTS SYSTEM: Kill the zombies and collect power ups to get the achievements. To unlock an achievement you will receive a prize!

Checkpoints: When you pick up a checkpoint you can return it when you die, making it easier and more fun!

PHASES IN THE DARK: Some steps have cave and get into it you get poor visibility, leaving more fun and varied game!

ZOMBIES VARIED AND MANY PITFALLS: The game contains several types of zombie and traps for the game become more varied and ensure your enjoyment.

Your ammo is over? Do not worry; you can take stabs at the enemy!

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