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Weed Life Beta APK v0.Burrito (Unlimited Cash/Ice/Weed)


Weed Life Beta APK v0.Burrito (Unlimited Cash/Ice/Weed)

You wake up in a strange city, smelling like marijuana, covered in puke and you have no idea what happened or who you are. Your only clue is that you haven’t got a clue but you’re still a little buzzed. Maybe smoking the same weed strain you toked last night will help you jolt your memory…

Coming This Winter!

-Currently the game is still at a public beta stage, which means you might experience some bugs, lag or even lose your game progress, if that happens, let us know via the support link and we’ll do our best to address the issues.

-For best performance we recommend shutting down all the other apps before playing the game, as it is pretty resource intensive. If Weed Life still lags like crazy, then we recommend throwing your mobile device into the trash can, because it’s garbage.

-Lastly, Weed Life contains visual and contextual references to Marijuana and other cannabis byproducts and should not be played by minors, hence the Mature content rating. Instead of emailing us, set parental controls on your kids’ phones people!


Weed Life Beta APK v0.Burrito (Unlimited Cash/Ice/Weed)

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