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VR Spacy – Virtual Reality v1.02 APK MOD



VR Spacy – Virtual Reality v1.02 APK MOD VR Spacy you’re diving into a funny virtual reality 3d world in which you can collect certain objects with a fighter jet, a UFO or a crazy turtle. With virtual reality-goggles(google cardboard) it feels like really being in another world. You can lead the fly by head rotations. Use the google cardboard glasses.
There are 3 different modes:
Collect mode: Be Freddy the flying turtle. Collect the cherries he loves so much and experience his territory. Explore his wooden box, which he has furnished very lovingly. Be careful with the trees and the huge mushrooms! The adventure starts in Freddy’s wooden hut.
Time mode: You are a jet pilot and rush through the desert to collect lots of medals. Establish an incredible highscore within 5 minutes and impress your friends. Or enjoy the desert landscape, the lake in the oasis and view the remains of the desert war. Catch the medal which is behind the glider, under the solar panels und at the wind turbines. Can you make it?
Free mode: Flying to mars in 2017? Why are you still waiting to discover other planets? With our UFO you can chase over the moon surface and collect alien runes. But watch out for the insidious asteroids. A crash won’t take a good ending for you. If you collect the red jerrycans, the gasoline tank will be refueled and the spacy journey can last forever.
Among these modes there is the possibility to view the flying objects from close up in the ObjectView.
Try it yourself with google cardboard. Have fun and enjoy it!


 VR Spacy – Virtual Reality v1.02 APK MOD


 VR Spacy – Virtual Reality v1.02 APK MOD


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