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VR Party Game v1.0 (Unlocked)


VR Party Game v1.0 (Unlocked)
Requirements: 4.4+
Overview: This app makes your VR-cardboard turn back time. This is a genial app that makes your cardboards incredibly fun for everyone.

Put the cardboard or VR-goggles on your friends and ask them to do the simplest task, they will stumble around, walk the opposite direction and fail to navigate. Everyone around will break out in laughter.
Their brain goes crazy as you challenge them with:
1. Mirror view
2. Turns back time with 2 seconds (Two seconds delay view)
3. Upside down view

Put the cardboard on a friend and choose between these three crazy experiences that will make the brain struggle to find out what the h*** is going on.

Through the live view from the main camera, the user is challenged by two features as a 2 seconds delay view, a flipped view. You can also buy the third in-app feature as a upside down view.

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