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Void of Heroes v1.1.1 [Mega Mod]


Void of Heroes v1.1.1 [Mega Mod]
Requirements: Android 4.0+
Overview: Create the trinity of war: the mech, pilot and suit. Tweak the abilities of each component, and create combinations to rule the battlefield. 


Choose your pilot, take control of a mech, and suit up with your choice of battle harness to create the ultimate combination of battlefield dominating war machine.
Void of Heroes is a comic series and free-to-play multiplayer online mech battle mobile game that puts you in control of dark future Mechs, their pilots and more! Void of heroes features a highly customisable skill system based on three trees you can choose from to create the ultimate mix of combat prowess to defeat your enemies. Crush your enemies with the varied weapons available to you, and choose a Mech that suits your gameplay to compete in the unforgiving battlegrounds deep underground. Void of Heroes also links paperback comics to mobile games. The comics include redeem codes that unlock unique campaign rewards in the game.

• Epic, dark mech multiplayer battle in the far future
• 15 Mechs with powerful weapons
• 4 Pilots with unique skills
• 4 Suits capable of boosting the union of mech and pilot
• Realistic physics based effects
• Smooth controls with joypad support
• Comic synergy, use codes to get special gear in game

1. Infinite Ammo
2. Infinite Health
3. Infinite Tech Rewards LITE
4. Infinite Nano Rewards LITE
5. Invincible
6. 1 Hit Kill
7. Mega Jumps
8. Sprint Speed Multipled
9. Forward & Backward Speed Multipled
10. Perfect Shot/even through the walls
*Internet Required
*No one can beat or Kill you, even players that using fake Mod.

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