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Very Lost – A 3D maze game v1.7 APK


Very Lost – A 3D maze game v1.7 APK No ads, No in-app-purchases, No permissions.
Just game

New – VR mode – stand up and actually look around with 360° freedom. Does not need any VR attachments.

Get lost in 9 unique mazes for hours, or wander around for five minutes with simple and intuitive control setups. On each maze, be on the lookout for 10 gems to grab for a better high score

Three control methods
-Look around by tilting your device
-Look around with a joystick
-Look around using your device as a “window”

Built focusing on solid controls, package size, battery life, and device compatibility.

Please leave a review and let me know what to add.


 Very Lost – A 3D maze game v1.7 APK


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