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Vanta Black CM Theme v1.0


Vanta Black CM Theme v1.0
Requirements: 5.0+
Overview: Vanta Black is a black CM Theme for the CyanogenMod Theme Engine, with constant support and frequent updates. The Theme supports more than 30 apps. Always reboot after updating. This theme gets your phone a lot of extra juice if your phone uses the AMOLED or OLED display technique.



– theme for the CyanogenMod Theme Engine 
– loads of themed apps, with tons new being added with every update releasing 
– constant support and frequent updates 
– beautiful black design 

Themed Apps 

– Calculator 
– Chrome 
– Chrome Beta 
– Chrome Dev 
– CM Gallery 
– CM Music (Eleven) 
– Contacts 
– Deskclock 
– Dialer 
– Documents/Downloads 
– Email 
– File Manager 
– Gmail 
– Google Authenticator 
– Google Calculator 
– Google Dialer 
– Google Keep 
– Google Keyboard 
– Google Messenger 
– Google Now Launcher 
– Google Plus 
– Google Spaces 
– Hangouts 
– Instagram 
– Messaging 
– News & Weather 
– Nova Launcher 
– Play Music 
– Play Store 
– Settings 
– System UI 
– Theme Chooser 
– Trebuchet Launcher 
– Twitter 
– Weather and News 
– WhatsApp 
– XDA 
– YouTube 

and more… 

Important notice about ROM support 

This CM theme fully supports CyanogenMod and COS12.1 / COS13 ( Cyanogen OS ). Custom ROMs with the CyanogenMod theme engine included, for example Dirty Unicorns, Paranoid Android ( PA ) and Resurrection Remix are supported but there might be issues as I can’t keep track of all commits everywhere.

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