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Ultimate Block Avengers apk mod vC4.1

Ultimate Block Avengers apk mod  vC4.1

Enter the dark sci-fi fantasy world of Ultimate Block Avengers where you will need to strike fast and hard to defend the realm you once knew. It is up to you to protect the world from the threats of the survivors. Your challenge is to conquer amidst severe enemy attacks in and eliminate this new threat to the nations. Enjoy advanced modern weaponry and special perks that will aid you in your quest. This epic action game is filled with non-stop shooting and running action, stunning pixilated graphics, tons of enemies and a vast array of weapons for a most amazing FPS experience.

***Mayhem rings paramount***
A sudden and deadly virus hits a highly populated metropolitan area, killing off thousands of people in its brutal claiming. In the aftermath of this riotous disease, those who survived begin to realize they have acquired bizarre and impossible new abilities. Thankfully spared this gruesome infection, you were exempt from the strange aftereffects. Although these abnormalities are interesting enough, life eventually goes on. The survivors bury their dead and the months stretch into years, when a mystifying man appears and begins his recruitment. At first no one paid this newcomer any heed, but as his commands rang out through the vast city and one by one people abandoned posts at jobs, left homes filled with loved ones, and even discarded vehicles in the city center to heed this summons, the dark force surrounding this stranger grew in strength.
As the multitude of his followers seek out his will, it becomes increasingly evident that the ones subjected to his commands are those who suffered the debilitating effects of the virus and still managed to survive. All you can do is watch the people you once knew as they are turned into virtual drones right before your eyes, then are ordered to attack the city and lay siege to the capitol.

***Become the hero. Eradicate the enemy.***
Finding yourself a victim in the invasion lead by this super evolved races bent on destroying anyone, it is either kill or be killed. Grabbing any weapon you can get your hands on, you strike out against every oncoming attack, but to fend off the worst of it, you must seek out the source of this attack. Your journey will take you through the dangerous map of the deadly space craft carrier, a labyrinthine scheme of rooms and halls of a vast mansion to the death defying battle to end all battles in the savage orbit of death.

In order to create the best gaming experience possible, Ultimate Block Avengers is loaded to the max with maps that are amazingly MASSIVE. Every landscape is brimming with tons of enemy variety, epic weapons and challenging obstacles. Because of this, load time can often take awhile…
Rate kindly! Please don’t penalize us with a one-star review. Keep in mind, this is a FREE game, and we just wanted to ensure you enjoyed one-of-a-kind action-packed thrill ride when you download this epic survival first person shooter game.

Features for Ultimate Block Avengers
*Stunning 3D pixel environments
*Melee and firearm weapon variety
*Brutal hand-to-hand combat
*Speed, health, and ammo pickups
*Precision shooting
*Entity map offers aerial views of oncoming enemies
*Tight controls
*User-friendly interface

Ultimate Block Avengers
Ultimate Block Avengers
Ultimate Block Avengers
Ultimate Block Avengers
Ultimate Block Avengers
Ultimate Block Avengers

Additional information

Updated : August 3, 2015
Size : 39M
Installs : 5,000 – 10,000
Current Version : C4.1
Requires Android : 2.3 and up Content Rating : PEGI 12 Moderate Violence Learn more
Permissions :

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