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Turtle vs. Zombies apk mod v3.4.24

Turtle vs. Zombies apk mod v3.4.24

“Turtle vs. Zombies” is an award-winning classical platformer through 68 exciting levels. You need help the turtle to defeat zombies and save the world.

In November 2093 AD, because of human beings’ excessive exploitation of natural resources and unreasonable kill creatures on the earth of without discrimination, aliens who have entered the stage of higher civilization decide to punish human beings by destroying them. They formulate a virus for human gene and spread it all around the world. This virus is spread through blood. Once people are infected, the mortality is 100%. What’s worse, dead people will be resurrected after death, however, they become horrible zombies without any thoughts.

Heroes who own dual genes of human being and tortoise save themselves from this catastrophe because of their special genes. Also, due to their outstanding physical qualities, they can fight with those zombies with their bare hands. As a result, they decide to take up the important task to save human beings.

Heroes’ master investigate it and, by accident, find that because the interstellar law require aliens to aliens to offer a chance to live for any punishment against any species in order to reserve a few outstanding individuals of this specie, those aliens save the antibodies of the virus. They hide these antibodies in eight places and they are guarded by particularly strong zombie monsters. Our heroes must try to find out these lifesaving antibodies as soon as possible.

Players, let us assist our heroes and save the world from the purgatory now! You will love this game so much that you cannot bear to part with it!

# 68 colorful levels.
# 8 different style worlds.
# 20 sorts of zombies.
# Physics engine in the world.
# Smooth simple operation.
# Fresh and beautiful visual style.

# Collect bullets to kill zombies, or jump to zombie’s head to kill them.
# Collect coins, 100 coins can be exchanged for a life.
# Get power ups, including run faster, jump higher, armor, and get more time.
# Notice the use of the terrain, sometimes need use wall jump to go up and sometimes have to rely on the rope glides over a wide ditch.
# Remember to collect the stars, you can get more bonus points.

Turtle vs. Zombies
Turtle vs. Zombies
Turtle vs. Zombies
Turtle vs. Zombies
Turtle vs. Zombies
Turtle vs. Zombies

Additional information

Updated : May 11, 2015
Size : 34M
Installs : 100,000 – 500,000
Current Version : 3.4.24
Requires Android : 2.3 and up Content Rating : PEGI 7 Fear Learn more
Permissions :

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