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Tower War Defense Evolution v1.5 [Mod Money]



Tower War Defense Evolution v1.5 [Mod Money]  Since the beginning of time, light and dark forces have been at war. The dark forces are returning again with a vengeance. You are humanity’s last line of defense. Curb their advancement, repel their onslaught and obliterate them. Get your adrenaline rushing with the ultimate tower defense game. 👻

Mighty Heroes: Choose your champion to lead your troops to victory, agent, ninja, shaolin monk, healer, cyborg, fire mage, sniper and more, each with their own skill.
Unique Gargoyle Types: Moon collector, javelineer, blocker, cannoneer, boxer, drummer, elemental, which allows you to build complex strategies.
Gargoyle Upgrades: Upgrade your stone gargoyles to iron gargoyles with better weapons and accessories to get game changing bonuses.
Epic Bosses: Intense boss fights against mini bosses and dark lords never seen before on a tower defense game.
Numerous Enemy Types: Various different types of enemies, from imps to demon lords, zombies, skeletons and other undeads, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.
Fight in Scenic Locations: Autumn grassland, deep jungle, dark swamp, desolate desert, frozen tundra and the depths of hell.
Dynamic Weather: Wind, rain, fog, sandstorm, snow and more.
Awesome Graphics: Hand-painted and beautifully animated characters and background, all in glorious Full HD – 1080p.

– English
– Русский (Russian)
– Español (Spanish)
– Português (Portuguese)
– Deutsch (German)
– Français (French)
– Italiano (Italian)
– Polski (Polish)

• Requires Android 4.1 or higher
• ARMv7 1.0 Ghz or higher
• 1 GB of RAM or more


 Tower War Defense Evolution v1.5 [Mod Money]


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