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The HinterLands Mining Game HD v0.432

The HinterLands Mining Game HD v0.432
Requirements: 2.3 +
Overview: The Hinterlands is the best multiplayer mining, building, crafting, and exploring game!

Mine the world for resources, build great structures, harvest plants, trees and mobs, all with friends or random players!

★ Multiplayer Modes ★
The HinterLands was started and built specifically for mobile devices, with a heavy emphasis on multiplayer.
You have more options than ANY other mining game on the market:

• Play multiplayer over wifi/LAN
• Use Google Play services to play with friends remotely, or random players
• Join a PC server and play with tons of people
• Or play locally with bluetooth!

The HinterLands was the FIRST (early 2013) multiplayer 2d mining sandbox game on the market, and was released early in alpha to encourage people to contribute to development, since there was nothing similar on the market. Since then it has grown a ton, and keeps growing thanks to player feedback!

★ Features ★
• Fight mobs with fast combo attacks, or slow strong attacks, blocking, or turn off hostile mobs, go into creative mode, it’s all your choice!
• Build structures using tons of blocks and items!
• Farm mobs for resources, or destroy them for food to regain health, and stop hunger
• Harvest trees and plants for food, potions, or seeds to replant and grow your own forests

★ Features Coming Soon ★
• Redesigned UI: easier inventory system, more advanced item, armor and weapon crafting system, equippable armor and clothes, and quests
• Bosses, more mobs, and more biomes

★ Planned features ★
• Player vs. Player: Free for all, capture the flag, team oriented with different classes, tower defense with creeps and towers
• NPC’s: Characters to give you quests, buy and trade items
• Pets: Animals to join you on quests and in combat
• Level editor: Submit levels for public servers!
• Character leveling and skills: customize your character for your playstyle. Create a invincible tank, a stealthy rogue, or a powerful mage
• Farming: Domesticate mobs, take care of them in your barn and breed them! Grow crops for creating potions, money or aid in exploring

★ Instructions ★
• Customize and create your player and world
• Play single player, wifi game, Google Play services, bluetooth, or join a public server
• Mine dirt, stone, ect with the pickaxe. Chop trees and items with the axe. Use the hammer to break down backgrounds or items
• Use the fast attack button to combo attacks on mobs. Use the strong attack for higher damage. Use the shield to become invincible
• Pinch to zoom in / out of the world; open your inventory and pinch to increase / decrease button size. Customize your buttons in the game under settings ->controls. Move items by holding them down for 1s, or split stacks by holding down longer
• Build amazing structures, upgrade your tools, and share on our facebook page! http://spam.com/vsclYF
• More instructions on the wiki: http://spam.com/UZcn2N

★ PAID VERSION: If you do decide you want to help by buying the paid version, you get a BACKERS REWARD item for all new characters that you can use to teleport to and from your spawn point

★ Bugs ★
• World format: needs to be changed, to optimize network, allow boss areas/ scripting, and allow more biomes+bigger worlds
• Lighting system was too slow, so has been cut down and needs to be redone
• Multiplayer movement needs to be changed to look smoother


Happy Cinco de Mayo! Celebrate with the update, chips, salsa, and your favorite drink!
•New Crafting UI
•Awesome new NPCs. You can buy and sell items, and basic chat
•Money added where you get coins from killing mobs or selling items
•Changed balance of the weapons
*Thanks to our AMAZING QA Tester Megan*
•Fixed quick select bug so now you can see and scroll through your items without them disappearing

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