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Tap Tap Infinity – Idle RPG v1.7.8 [Mod]


Tap Tap Infinity – Idle RPG v1.7.8 [Mod]

Requirements: 2.3+

Love Clicker/Incremental games?

Tap Tap Infinity brings fancy-pants 3d animations and environments, an unfolding Story, strategic Hero and Spell upgrades, endless gameplay and awesome graphics to the clicker-monster-RPG genre.
Level up your Heroes so that they farm gold and search for the fabled Infinity Tokens, even while you’re not playing! Earn XP by defeating monsters clearing levels to unlock mighty Spells! Tap Tap Infinity is brand-spanking new and super-simple to play:

★ Tap monsters to kill them.
★ When you beat Boss Monsters hire them to help do extra damage.
★ Level up Heroes and their skills to do even more damage.
★ Your heroes earn gold for you while you’re not playing.
★ Gain XP and unlock Spells to auto-tap or do more damage.
★ Find Infinity Tokens to start all over again but with a permanent boost.
★ Trade Infinity Tokens to The Guardians of Infinity for power-ups.
★ Fully 3D monsters and environments, awesome music and SFX.
★ Incredible particle effects and animations.
★ Save your game to the cloud and keep playing on a different device!


v1.7.8 Large numbers truncated to 3 significant figures to avoid rounding making it look like you can afford an upgrade before you can. Smarter end to boss-rush.

Mod Info:
1. Infinity Token Multiplier
2. Infinity Gem Multiplier
3. Fast Level Up
4. Spell upgrade cost 0 coin
Note: I did not mod coin ( It would take away the fun from the game )

Mod Instructions:
Download game from playstore
Login google & pass tutorial
Download mod and install over Playstore version

More Info:

Download Instructions:




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