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Survival Hunter Pocket Shooter apk mod vC10.2

Survival Hunter Pocket Shooter apk mod vC10.2

Battle your way to victory in Survival Hunter Pocket Shooter! Addictive combination running and action-shooting invites you to unleash your fury upon a post-apocalyptic universe, rife with villainous creatures. Varied and powerful weapons are there for the picking, so equip your favorite weapon as you explore and dominate vast and beautiful 3D pixel worlds!

I’m sitting on the cheap floor of a random apartment, my back against the cold metal of a useless, pre-war refrigerator. I’ve been here since I removed the gun from its holster, my breath heavy with anticipation. I should feel afraid, but I don’t.

A global disaster destroyed earth’s technology, reducing my homeland to a nomadic, subsistence-level society. Life was brutal, and one by one, survivors fell victim to the plague of starvation and the repercussions of nature’s changing climate. Soon, I was the last survivor, or so it seemed. Knowing I could not be the last, I left my shelter for the vast unknown. Hours turned into days, which turned into weeks before I stumbled upon the ruins of a city, and discovered what was left of society. I never dreamed I would come upon the town marked the eye of the storm, where monstrous human hybrids lived, transformed by the atomic warfare. They seemed unassuming at first glance, and my joy at discovering more survivors dulled my reaction, and upon sight of me, they attacked. Suddenly it was a game of cat and mouse and yet again I was fighting for survival…

You, the player, are the sole survivor of a nuclear holocaust and must fend off human-turned monsters to end the horror it brings in the entire planet. Tear through waves of enemies as they come at you from every angle, intent on your downfall. Enemies pack a big punch with higher damage and health. Test your skills and plan your attack as you battle across bleak FPS terrains. As you launch this thrilling first person game, you’ll be able to claim a power-up simply by viewing a brief video ad. This power-up will be beneficial to you as you enter your first map, where an integrated game timer ticks away your remaining time to defeat a given number of foes and earn a super permanent weapon to wield throughout the game. These video clips will be helpful to you as you dash through levels, as they provide you with a way to gain extra ammunition and heath when you are on low. Extreme hand-to-hand combat and user-friendly interface allows you to easily manipulate your character as you explore and fight for dominance.

Top Game Features:
-Hand-to-hand combat
-Enemies boast higher damage and health
-Loading game screen tips
-Earn power-ups
-Game timer
-FPS precision aiming
-Blocky weapon pickup
-Intuitive user interface
-User-friendly touch screen controls

– Street Block
– Amusement Park
– Hospital Complex

– Armed Monsters
– Ghoulish Creatures
– Demon Army

-Machine Guns
-Sniper Rifles

Survival Hunter Pocket Shooter
Survival Hunter Pocket Shooter
Survival Hunter Pocket Shooter
Survival Hunter Pocket Shooter
Survival Hunter Pocket Shooter
Survival Hunter Pocket Shooter

Additional information

Updated : December 7, 2015
Size : 47M
Installs : 1,000 – 5,000
Current Version : C10.2
Requires Android : 2.3.3 and up Content Rating : PEGI 12 Moderate Violence Learn more
In-app Products : HUF354.33 per item
Permissions :

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