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Super Piano HD Full v6.4


Super Piano HD Full v6.4
Requirements: 2.3.3+
Overview: By the developers of “Droid Drums” This is a special Piano, with many high quality sounds and effects, for your enjoying alone or with your friends. Lot of sounds(will increase in the next updates).


– Multi-touch supported.
– Better performance on Tablet or large screens
– Number of keys customizable (7-20)
– Rhytms while you play
– Mixer for individual sound and Rhytm levels
– Record and play sequence
– Full 8 octave keyboard to select keys
– CPU measure on the display
– Battery temperature measure on the display
– Battery percentage on the display

… and many more functions on the next updates!

These the synthesized sounds of this super piano :

-Acoustic Grand Piano    
-Electric Grand Piano    
-Tubular Bells    
-Drawbar Organ    
-Percussive Organ    
-Rock Organ    
-Church Organ    
-Reed Organ    
-Acoustic Guitar (nylon)
-Acoustic Guitar (steel)
-Electric Guitar (jazz)    
-Electric Guitar (clean)
-Electric Guitar (muted)
-Overdriven Guitar    
-Distortion Guitar    
-Guitar harmonics    
-Acoustic Bass    
-Electric Bass (finger)    
-Electric Bass (pick)    
-Fretless Bass    
-Slap Bass 1    
-Synth Bass 1    
-Synth Bass 2    
-Tremolo Strings    
-Pizzicato Strings    
-String Ensemble 1    
-Synth Strings 1    
-Choir Aahs    
-Voice Tuhs    
-Orchestra Hit    
-Muted Trumpet    
-Brass Section    
-Synth Brass 1    
-Synth Brass 2    
-Soprano Sax    
-Alto Sax    
-Baritone Sax    
-English Horn    
-Pan Flute    
-FX 1 (rain)    
-FX 3 (crystal)    
-FX 4 (atmosphere)    
-FX 5 (brightness)    
-FX 6 (goblins)    
-FX 7 (echoes)    
-FX 8 (sci-fi)    
-Bag pipe    
-Tinkle Bel    
-Steel Drums    
-Taiko Drum    
-Melodic Tom    
-Synth Drum    
-Reverse Cymbal    
-Guitar Fret Noise    
-Breath Noise    
-Bird Tweet    
-Telephone Ring    


Reduced latency.
Fixed minor bugs.

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