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Strategy Color Revolution v1.0.89 mod apk



Strategy Color Revolution v1.0.89 mod apk You are a pioneer of the world revolution hired by a national Leader to promote and spread his or her national idea. Now the world is your oyster!
Develop the unique strategy for learning and using the skills, ally yourself with other national leaders, eliminate the opposition and defend your supporters. Do not let the cuteness of the character to mislead you: your opponents are wise strategists, who will easily manipulate the opinions of whole nations.

Choose any of 10 unique national ideas to promote, make it spread worldwide and get a just reward for your achievements. Share the results to Facebook, invite your friends, be at the top on the leaderboard and just have fun with the best game of the year 2016 – Color Revolution.

Special characteristics:
– More than 100 skills, which allow to create an unique story
– In-game collections and achievements
– The global leaderboard
– 10 recognisable Leaders, each of them has a unique national idea
– Celebrities and media persons
– Cute visuals and great jokes
– 2 exciting game modes

Color Revolution – paint the world in your colors!


 Strategy Color Revolution v1.0.89 mod apk


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