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STiKKMENN Shake v2.0 apk



STiKKMENN Shake v2.0 apk Discover different ways to play in STiKKMENN Shake: an interactive 3D toy-box with no rules, and no limits!

STiKKMENN Shake is a peek at the new world of STiKKMENN, quirky characters created by Norse Magic. Designed by the developer’s 5-year-old son and focus-tested by kids of all ages, it was made by kids for kids.

Collect colorful gems, unlock fun toys and collectibles, and watch your toy-box come alive as you build new STiKKMENN! Dedicated players can unlock the special ‘golden’ objects, and will discover just how many hats the STiKKMENN can choose to wear!

Bounce back and forth between our fantastic ‘space’ and ‘ocean’ environments, and see what happens when you rotate your device around you! There’s no right or wrong way to play!

Stay with us and watch the world of the STiKKMENN grow!

Message for Parents

This game will NEVER include links to social networking websites, any links to the internet that can take players away from the game, advertising, or in-app purchases.


 STiKKMENN Shake v2.0 apk


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