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Space Simulator v1.0.6 b13 apk mod


Space Simulator v1.0.6 b13 apk mod Full scale Solar System with planets, asteroids and major moons to explore
– Visual orbit planner to design transfer orbits
– High resolution textures on major celestial bodies
– Double precision physics solver for real-scale and sub-millimeter resolution
– Software level emulation of the Apollo Guidance computer (Apollo missions)
– 3D planetary surfaces with mountains, craters, valleys
– Futuristic space-planes for full Solar System exploration
– MFDs (orbit, surface, transfer, docking, flight, maps, HSI, etc.)
– 3D zoomable and touch-enabled virtual cockpits (Apollo program)
– Original audio on selected Apollo missions
– Space Shuttle Program missions

Space Simulator V1.0.6
– resizeable windows icon
– facebook screenshot blue screen fix
– config menu font size fix
– improved cloud rendering
– improved orbit predictor accuracy
– fixed Pluto and Triton orbit reference crash
(version 13)


 Space Simulator v1.0.6 b13 apk mod


 Space Simulator v1.0.6 b13 apk mod

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