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Simplest Reminder Pro v4.2.3


Simplest Reminder Pro v4.2.3
Requirements: 2.3 and up
Overview:  It is the easiest to use reminder application in the whole Google Play Store.


What does it do?
Simplest Reminder allows you to quickly set a single or recurring reminder in as few steps as possible. When the time comes your phone or tablet will remind you about your task.

What Pro features does it have?
– Recurring reminders. Choose between daily, weekly, monthly, annually, weekdays(Mon-Fri) or weekends(Sat-Sun)
– Popup dialog notification. This can be enabled in Settings
– New Time and Date Pickers inspired by Google Calendar’s pickers
– Self-repeating reminders. Reminder will repeat itself every 10 minutes so you don’t miss it. This can be enabled or changed in Settings
– LED light notifications
– Single occurrence reminders can be deactivated and reused at later time
– Swipe notification away to delete/deactivate reminder. This can be configured in Settings
– Swipe notification away to dismiss recurring reminder

What makes it better than other reminder apps?
“Setting up new reminders could not be simpler.”
“Clean, simple interface.”
“This is by far the best Android reminder app”
“Very fast for adding a reminder.”
“No frills, just a reminder that can be set up with as little effort as possible. Solid.”
“Simple to use. Has all the necessary features.”
“Without a bunch of complicated bells and whistles I just didn’t need.”
“It’s very easy to set reminders, and it has worked perfectly and consistently.”

*These statements come from user reviews

Is it easy to use?
The main goal of this application is simplicity. It allows you to create a simple reminder in as few steps as possible. At the minimum you need to provide time and press OK button. That’s all. Optionally you can add description, date and recurrence but they are not required.

Can I customize anything?
Absolutely! You can specify notification sound, vibration, and vibration pattern. You can also enable/disable popup dialog, LED light, swipe to delete/dismiss,. You can also change intervals for snooze and self-repeating reminders.

It all sounds great but can I try it for free first?
Yes you can. I have free version available in the Play store under the name: Simplest Reminder

IMPORTANT: If you use any Task Manager or Task Killer application please add Simplest Reminder Pro to the Ignored List. Otherwise Simplest Reminder Pro may not work.

RATINGS: If you find any issues with my app please email me instead of rating 1 star. I will do what I can to solve the issue and I will reply to every email.


The long awaited Customizable Snooze duration is here!
Snoozing a reminder no longer creates [single occurrence copy] You can now delete recurring reminder the same way as regular (delete button shows in the popup)
Custom Recurrence Options
Fix for Android Marshmallow Doze/Wakelocks that sometimes makes the reminders to be fired later than scheduled
Performance Optimization
New Icon
Coming Soon:
Possibly Google Cloud Backup
Recurrence on chosen days of a week

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