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Sausage Bomber v1.0.1 + (Mod) apk


Sausage Bomber v1.0.1 + (Mod) apk The embattled nation of Fredonia must strike back at its invaders with a new top-secret weapon, born of desperation and hunger. Only one thing can put an end to this terrible war: Daylight Precision Sausage Bombing!

Wipe areas clean of enemies by dropping an assortment of cured meats: slippery kielbasa, Vienna sausages, Scottish haggis, and more. Accomplish the mission by triggering a ridiculous physics-based chain reaction of explosions to throw scenery and enemy troops into each other.

• One tap to drop a Sausage Bomb. Endless possibilities for mayhem.
• 32 missions against the nation of Relishtonia, each an opportunity for glory.
• Record and share replays of your finest moments with Everyplay support.
• See how your piloting stacks up with leaderboards for each mission.
• Behold the awesome might of the incomparable Atomic Sausage!


 Sausage Bomber v1.0.1 + (Mod) apk

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