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Satellite Command v1.1 mod apk



Satellite Command v1.1 mod apk A tough permadeath game not for the faint-hearted, Satellite Command has been developed in tandem with Space industry experts and features a realistic astrophysics simulation beneath a rogue-like arcade style game. We strongly recommend a Gaming Tablet or high-end phone for the best experience.

Features of Satellite Command:
• A realistic astrophysics simulation, plan and modify your orbits to get as close to or far from Earth as you dare!
• Careful planning and resource management of up to six orbiting satellites.
• Over 150 missions with varying objects to complete!
• Real images and information on various deep-space phenomena and landmarks of the Earth, Moon and Sun.
• Player Progression system, with elite achievements and leader boards.
• Permadeath gameplay designed to encourage learning by doing.
• Fully interactive gameplay tutorial players new to the complexities of astrophysics.

Developed in Unreal Engine 4, Satellite Command takes advantage of the latest hardware and mobile GPU technology, allowing for uncompromised high quality graphics and gameplay mechanics.

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 Satellite Command v1.1 mod apk


 Satellite Command v1.1 mod apk


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