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 SAMURAI RISING v1.0.4 Mod Apk Square Enix is send full-scale action RPG!
Exhilarating – flashy action at your fingertips!

Easy operation a variety of actions with one finger!
Defeat the mighty bosses listen on Kimi’s finger!
It corresponds to the vertical retention and horizontal retention!

For those who seek a more intense action of the vertical retention and horizontal retention of both correspondence!
It is also possible to change the smartphone orientation to suit the tactical situation.
It had been cut in the war situation in a variety of jobs and abilities!

The combination of jobs and abilities are endless!
Such as approaching positions and high defense force long-distance jobs that recovery can be used,
It can be customized abilities to suit your style!
Trying to find a favorite weapon!

Effect even in the same equipment is different! ?
The equipment that enters the hand from the monster comes with a variety of effects.
Put in hand your own favorite equipment, you psyched to high difficulty of the quest!
If difficult quest also friends …!

Can not be cleared alone quest also in the “united front”!
You can proceed with the same quest with up to four people by sending a united front request.
Difficult quests alone also, simple clear do it together!
Come Party noisily with everyone!

サムライ ライジング
サムライ ライジング
サムライ ライジング
サムライ ライジング
サムライ ライジング
サムライ ライジング


 SAMURAI RISING v1.0.4 Mod Apk


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