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Ruined Town Escape Premium v1.41 apk



Ruined Town Escape Premium v1.41 apkYou can play comfortably in comparison with the free version, because the ad is nothing.
The free version is

Items that were placed in hand , appears a red line around when you tap
It can be used by tapping a different location in this state.

When you tap again items that have been a red line
You can display an enlarged view of the item.

Tap another item in the enlarged state, it is possible to tap an item that was expanded.
You can combine items together.

When you press the button in the upper right corner of the volume adjustment and on the volume, you can turn off.

When you press the top left corner of the button to return to the screen of the stage select.

Stage that can not be challenged in future updates, will be implemented.

Don’t spoil the game in review.

Music by

Horror Sounds
Pocket Sound


Ruined Town Escape Premium v1.41 apk


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