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Root Call SMS Manager Full v1.6 Apk


Root Call SMS Manager Full v1.6 Apk
Requirements: 2.2+ | ROOT
Overview: The program allows to block undesirable incoming and outgoing calls and SMS. The rights of root are necessary for functioning. There is a support Dual SIM smartphones.

Blocking is carried out at system degree, the program doesn’t miss out on the first call, the display isn’t lit and there is no home window of a dialer.
– Barring inbound SMS as well as MMS on Android 4.4 over without appointment as its program for SMS handling.
– Stopping of outward bound phone calls and SMS.
– Assistance the Twin SIM mobile phones with possibility to set different criteria of obstructing for every person SIM.
For calls it is possible to pick a method of blocking “Turn down” or “Not to address”. For SMS at wish it is possible to set the filter in the content (if the filter isn’t set, all SMS from defined number are blocked). For department of numerous filters the symbol is utilized “;”. If at the beginning of a field for the filter to put a sign “!” all TEXT not representing the filter will be obstructed.
For a filtration of numbers it is necessary to produce the listing and also to make it present.
The “Not to block” method – all functions of blocking are detached.
The black listing – is made barring of all numbers added in this listing, for each and every number it is feasible to develop the criteria of obstructing.
The white checklist – is made blocking of all numbers which typically aren’t entering this checklist, parameters of blocking embark on from list setups.
Exceptions numbers of this list are refined by the established regulations irrespective of settings of the current list.
At number addition in the checklist it is feasible to define a design template (“?” suggests any symbol, “*” suggests any kind of quantity of any type of symbols). For blocking of covert numbers for number it is necessary to leave an area vacant. It is feasible to make use of normal expressions (have to begin with “^” and also end with “$”, just in the complete version of the program).
There is a possibility to make use of routines – in set time the designated checklist will certainly be made the existing.
Constraints of the free version:
– No greater than 2 entrance in the checklist (it is possible to make use of design templates, all from get in touches with, all not from call uses, numbers containing letters), aren’t supported groups of calls as well as an exceptions.
– There is no scheduler.
Crucial system setups:
– Wait after boot, sec.
This hold-up is necessary so that by the time of program begin the radio component handled to be activated completely the telephone module. Regular value– 10 … 40 sec., but several gadgets job and also with a zero hold-up. If on your Twin Sim there is no blocking on the 2nd this, it is necessary to boost this value.
– Submode.
Point serves for control for equipment attributes of the gadget. Choice of a submode at which the program is effective can be demanded as well as the network on the device after start of the program (reboot) does not disappear. After each modification of a submode or the Wait after boot the hard reset is required (not immediately). For smartphones on MTK it is required to select a submode 1.
In setups, factor, “Around” it is feasible to consider present state of service, for successful work of the SIM1(SIM2 for Double SIM) needs to be green.
– Samsung submode.
On different models/insertions of Samsung mobile phones various styles of commands of the radio module for indication of entering phone calls are used. If there is not that mode, number of a going into phone call will certainly be inaccurately defined. It does not influence at all interpretation of number of incoming SMS.
Integration with Tasker: for use of Tasker it is essential to include “To start the application” as a task, to select Origin Call Manager and also to enter a checklist name into the data area. Therefore there will certainly be a chosen listing will be made the existing.


-Fixes for MTK-smartphones to Android 5.x
-Included assistance for Spreadtrum mobile phones
-Included the capacity to filter SMS for contributing to the program journal
-Included the ability to replicate a piece of a blocked SMS to the clipboard
-Little improvements and enhancements

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