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Rogue – Mystery Dungeon Apk v85 [Mod]


 Rogue – Mystery Dungeon Apk v85 [Mod]  You want to play evil? Destroy everyone in town (assuming you are strong enough)!
You want to play a thief? Steal from the shop (assuming you are cunning enough)!
You want to play a hero? Rescue other players and be rewarded!
You want to play a fiend master? Find and raise monsters and control them!

In this roguelike mystery dungeon, you will be who you want to be.

Rescue System – request to be rescued when you die so you can have your items recovered. When another player successfully rescue you, they will be rewarded; you will have your items recovered
Find, Hatch, Raise – find monster eggs throughout the dungeon, hatch them, and raise your monsters to be your loyal sidekick.
Think outside the box – low on coins? See an epic item? Be clever and steal from shop and escape


 Rogue – Mystery Dungeon Apk v85 [Mod] 


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