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Random Knights: Adamant Destiny v1.0.9


Random Knights: Adamant Destiny v1.0.9
Requirements: 2.3 and up
Overview: Get prepared for a classic retro RPG journey!
Random Knights is a fantasy based RPG game in which you control your heroes fighting
the dark dragon legend and its army in retro 8bits graphics.

Deep tactics and strategies with simple controls!
In every endless game you have to choose your heroes and build your team!
There are over 130 playable classes – knight, ninja, wizard, mage, shaman, and even zombie and vikings! Just name it in the fantasy world and very probably you would find it in the game!
Slay monsters and level up! You will find powerful weapons and equipment throughout the journey which helps you advance the endless tower.
Battle monsters and bosses of different races on your way, find and defeat the legendary dark dragon, and even unlock it under your control!

Level your heroes by slaying monsters in battles in this true pixel retro RPG.
Your heroes can even evolve which grant them much stronger power! They will learn numerous new spells and movesets.

Encounter dangerous monsters in different tower locations.
All classes are playable! Bump into a powerful OP monster? A legendary boss?
Just fight and defeat it in battle! Earn points and have it unlocked under your control!
Each time you play the tower is randomly revamped and you won’t know what you will bump into next!
Get different loot and treasure to upgrade your heroes.
Pay attention to the combinations – some treasures are good for wizard, some for ninja, etc.

Get powerful boss monsters by defeating and unlocking, or by evolving!
The most powerful monsters like dragon and dread reaper are evolved!

– Endless RPG fantasy
– Slaying monsters in battles
– Simple controls – as simple as roll dices or flip cards
– Random tower levels and monsters / bosses encounters
– Random rewarding treasures – upgrade your heroes with weapons and equipments!
– Pixel retro graphics
– Over 130 playable classes – Dragons, heroes, wizard, knight and much more!
– And again much much more in the coming updates soon! New heroes will be adding periodically in this RPG!
– Different spells and moveset – Discover which kind of moves are super effective against which kind of monsters – Like dark spells are super effective against holy units.
– Fight the legend monsters and bosses and control them!

– Added a give up button to prevent stalemate
– Prevent frozen/paralysed/sleeping characters from dodging and blocking
– Added a magic resists table in stat page
– Added a music on/off button

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