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Police Precinct: Online v1.0


Police Precinct: Online v1.0
Requirements: 4.0.3 +
Overview: Gang activity in your city is on the rise but even worse there’s a murderer at large; you and your team must solve the case before he strikes again or escapes your jurisdiction. We need your help NOW!


Police Precinct: Online is a cooperative board game of skill and strategy for board game lovers. Based on the popular board game by Common Man Games, Police Precinct challenges you to work as a team in order to clean-up crime in the city and put this murderer in jail. 

Created by Danish game designer Ole Steiness, Police Precinct has been carefully crafted with consultation by real cops and law enforcement specialists to make an authentic crime solving experience. 

So get ready because now’s your turn to become a cop to not only solve a murder but maintain peace in your city. It won’t be easy though, the clock is working against you and so far you don’t have any evidence but you and your team are the best, that’s why you’ve been chosen for this case. Well, time to bust some punks and eat some donuts! 

***Recipient of the Dice Tower: Seal of Excellence*** 

***Award Winner for Best Cooperative Game 2013 – Club Fantasci*** 

“This may be the best cooperative game of the year, if not the best one I’ve ever played!” – Tom Vasel, The Dice Tower 

“Police Precinct is fun to play and stands up to multiple plays since the events that come up change from game to game.” – Alex Rosenwald, Board Game Quest 

“I am thoroughly enjoying the game. GREAT job on marrying the theme to game play!” – Greg J. Schloesser, Counter Magazine 

“Components are great” — “Artwork is really good” — “Super Flavorful” – Joel Eddy, Drive Through 

Online multiplayer (First ever online cooperative mobile board game) 
Pass and play mode 
Solo play mode 
Play and save multiple games at the same time 
Supports 1 to 6 players 
Choose from 16 cops (Contains real officers for characters) 
Invite friends to play 
In-game chat 
Board game comes to life with HD graphics, moving game pieces and various SFX 
Easy to set up, and learn the game while you play!

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