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Pixel Guardians-Auto Fight v1.8.20160914.1704


Pixel Guardians-Auto Fight v1.8.20160914.1704
Requirements: 4.0.3+
Overview: About the Game
“Pixel Guardians”has plenty of fun elements like pixels, idle mode, collection, and strategy! The 3D-pixel style showcases various civilizations across different time period! Idle mode enables leveling around the clock, with tons of rewards to boot! Recruit famous historical figures, cartoon characters, celebrities and legendary heroes to make your own powerful team and win strategic battles!


Game Features
– 3D Pixelated Graphics: a new visual experience
– Idle mode: automatically fight and level up
– 200+ heroes: cartoon characters, celebrities and legendary deities
– Defeat Bosses in exciting fights to win great rewards
– Use strategies to win 12V12 Arena battles

– Idle Mode
In Idle Mode, you will automatically enter battles and level up. Do nothing, but get everything anyway!
– 3D Pixelated Graphics
Unique brick-like designs are used to represent scenarios from ancient civilization to modern cultures and provide a new gaming experience.
– Recruit Legendary Heroes
Hundreds of heroes are waiting for your call: cartoon characters, historical figures, legendary deities are all at your fingertips. Form different teams based on their styles.
– Strategic Battles
Strategically build teams with different hero types and skills to show your battle prowess against various enemies.
– Stage Boss
Every stage is guarded by many bosses representative of that time period. Defeat all the bosses to proceed to the next stage. Fight your way from ancient times to future worlds.
– Numerous PvP Modes
Ladder, Arena, Bounty…you name it! Join heated 12v12 battles to experience furious fights and get awesome rewards.


“1. Added 10 new Hero Cards
2. Added “”Event”” button to the main page for players to check current Eventss
3. Added Mid-Autumn Festival Item “”Mooncake””, obtainable through PVP (Ladder and Arena)
4. Added Mid-Autumn Event, which runs from 9/14 to 9/18:
5. Bug fixes: Arena matching issues, x86 platform devices game initialization issues.
6. Accelerate the pace of upgrading”

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