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Navigate – CMTE Theme Donate v1.1.0


Navigate – CMTE Theme Donate v1.1.0
Requirements: 5.0+
Overview: Navigate – A navigation bar alternative


THIS IS THE DONATE VERSION OF MY FREE THEME ( this is exactly same as the free theme )

By donating me you can appreciate the time and efforts I’ve put into this to make it a complete Navigation Bar themeing solution

The sole purpose of this theme is to provide a complete Navigation Bar themeing solution
Navigate is a collection of Navigation Bar themes with something for every kind of user
CMTE cannot handle different theme options for a single app/package,therefore Arcus is a must have before installing this theme.

A custom ROM with CyanogenMod theme engine (CMTE)
A hdpi,xhdpi,xxhdpi or xxxhdpi device


1) Install Arcus 
2) Install Navigate
3) Open navigate in Arcus.
4) Choose the Navbar of your choice 
5) Build and install it (Make sure that you have selected the wallpaper option before building) 
6) Jump over to CMTE 
7) Open the navbar theme just installed.
*8*) Only select Navigation Bar 
9) Hit apply.
10) Profit.

I can’t see the the just compiled navbar theme in CMTE?

> Yeah this is how CMTE works ,if you forgot to select wallpaper option in Arcus before building the theme, the compiled theme won’t have wallpapers and hence won’t show up in CMTE’s main screen but in the style sub-menu.

Added: 1) Android N
2) Batman 2
3) Martin Garrix
4) Poly
5) Poly 2
6) Punisher
7) Transparent
>Fixed:1) Broken
2) Flash

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