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Monster Heart v1.00.03 [Mod]


Monster Heart v1.00.03 [Mod]
Requirements: 4.0+
Overview: Join the Brotherhood Hunters in an exciting adventure among the ruins of a lost world!


Join the Brotherhood Hunters in an exciting adventure among the ruins of a lost world! A fascinating and gloomy world of dark fantasy, horrific monsters and extraordinary weapon! Let start your hunt! 

After the invasion of Shadows to our world – mankind has been almost completely destroyed by monsters that have arisen at the time of the merger of the worlds. The world is destroyed at the base, and Brotherhood Hunter – the last who can still fight and try to stop the invasion of Shadows. 

– Exciting single player campaign spans several Acts, where you will hunt the most terrifying creatures of the Shadow 

Along with the hero, who unwittingly share fell to become a hunter, you will pass along the roads dying world, battling with fate and looking for answers 

– Great graphics 
AAA-level graphics and attention to detail make the game a truly vibrant and rich 

– Unsurpassed shooter 
Due to the smart management and excellent animation – offers breathtaking battle! 

– Spread the monsters dozens of different ways 
At your disposal are crossbows, bows, drobovki, magical staves and unique samples of experimental weapons! 

– Brotherhood of Hunters 
Connect with other hunters, sharing resources, and inviting them to access the most difficult test! 

– High Damage 
– Energy 
– Ammo 
– No reload 
– You have to complete tutorial with normal apk first. 
– Ignored russian language on screenshot, game is in english.

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