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Monster Avenue v1.17.7.7 [Mod]



Monster Avenue v1.17.7.7 [Mod] Endless appearance of traps and depraved monsters of hell.

1,132 soul bringers who were trying to save the distorted world, and the last five souls who survived.

Find glimmering stars of shattered dawn, a journey that should never have been started…
[Game Introduction] – With hundreds of fascinating cards, select you own 15 cards and create infinite combinations to repulse the boss monsters!
– Use the roulette that holds your fate to get through various dungeons that are filled with deadly traps!
– Clear all board stages with your great strategy and elaborate deck of cards, and stand in the forefront of other players!
– Conquer the raids and acquire special rewards by joining forces with players around the world!

[Game Features] 1. The perfect combination of board game and card battle.
▶ A completely new type of fun which gives you the perfect excitement of card battle and board game. Make your own luck and strategy as you overcome deadly traps and defeat all monsters with your splendid gauge control.

2. Hundreds of exclusive cards.
▶ Set your own deck and prepare your best strategy by collecting of more than 250 different cards that are divided into 5 attributes and 5 races. Battle all unpredictable monsters and be the only person to save the world!

3. Astonishing cards advancement
▶ Level-up, combine, evolve and limit break your cards to strengthen your deck and challenge stronger monsters. Enjoy the exhilarating power of cards from the deck that you’ve designed.

4. More than 200 board dungeons which challenge all players
▶ Become the master of soul gems and clear 30 kind of dreadful traps and all monsters that appear throughout dungeons.

5. Raid
▶ Join forces with all your friends around the world and defeat ruthless raid bosses. A limited card that is engraved will be the reward for your noble courage after defeating the boss.

[Community] Official Forum : [http://monsteravenue.boards.net/] Facebook : [https://www.facebook.com/XTEN-GAMES-1000078673386582/?fref=ts] [Customer Center] Contact us at [cs@xtengame.com].
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* Some game items can be purchased for real money. Additional cost may arise at the time of purchasing, and the cancellation payment may be limited depending on the type of item


 Monster Avenue v1.17.7.7 [Mod]


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