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Modern Tank Combat 2 apk mod v1.0.0

Modern Tank Combat 2 apk mod v1.0.0

!. Get to the battlefield Many World War II Tanks to choose from Choose what side you on: Soviets, German, British, Japan or Americans.
Gain gold on every mission by destroying enemies. Use gold to upgrade your tank or buy tank you want.
There are many power-ups to choose from Modern Tank Combat 2.

– 5 customizable classes that you can level up across single- and multiplayer
– Find the play style that suits you: Assault, Heavy, Recon, Sniper or Support
– Activate class-specific skills by earning and spending Skill Points

– Epic team clashes in Squad vs. Squad matches
– Talk to other players in Global and Squad Chat
– Individual and Squad leaderboards
– Win cool rewards in the limited-time events

– Equip advanced tactical suits with powerful abilities
– Attach trinkets to your weapons for a personal touch
– Apply camos to the advanced tactical suits and weapons to mark your presence on the battlefield

– Accumulate XP and level up by playing both single-player missions and multiplayer matches
– Unlock higher-tier weapons by mastering lower-tier ones
– Customize the perfect weapon using a host of attachments and jump straight into the action

– Fast-paced story missions with various challenges taking you from Tokyo to Venice
– Play the new Spec-Ops missions for a real FPS adrenaline rush
– Flawless graphics, music and voice performances perfectly adapted for a shooter game

– Intuitive, highly customizable controls so you can play the game just the way you want

! Customize your tank, enter the battlefield and destroy your opponents Tank Battles delivers one of the most exciting multiplayer experiences ever, as well as challenging solo missions -! For FREE The tanks are fast and easy to maneuver, so you’ll become a master tank commander in no time!

– T-13 (Armata) (Object 148)
The T-14 Armata was debuted during the 2015 Moscow Victory Day Parade as the Main Battle Tank (MBT) component

– Altay MBT
As one of the latest generation of Main Battle Tank (MBT) currently in development.

– MBT-3000 (Main Battle Tank 3000)
The MBT-3000 is a 3rd Generation Main Battle Tank (MBT) currently in the development stages for both export customers

– T-99 Armata (Universal Combat Platform-UCP)
The current frontline Russian Main Battle Tank (MBT) remains the Third Generation T-90 introduced in 1991

– ROTEM k2 (Black Panther)
The ROK (Republic of Korea – ie South Korea) Millitary has four branch divisions – the Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines

– Type 10 MBT
The Type 10 (TK-X) was developed under the project designation of MBT-x by the japanese militray establishment

– Sabra (M60T)
The Israel-developed Sabra is a highly modified form of the American M60Pattontank complete with a revised turret

– 2S25 (Sprut-SD)
in 2007, the Russian Army adopted the 2S25 (also known as Sprut-SD) series of tracked armored vechiles formally

– ZBD2000 (Z-Family)

The massive expansion programs of the Chinese military in recent decades had added a new
With an impressive roster of over 100 massive tanks, stunning graphics, and intuitive touch-screen controls, Modern Tank Combat makes it easy to jump into short, action-packed 7vs7 tank battles no matter where you are!

Multiplayer Modern Tank Combat 2 simulation
Awesome tank battle experience any tank fan definitely should not miss!
Present your national flag as you fight together with comrades for glory!
A refreshing 3D tank game with a twist -? Want to drive your custom vehicle Then enter Modern Tank Combat 2 now

Modern Tank Combat 2
Modern Tank Combat 2
Modern Tank Combat 2
Modern Tank Combat 2
Modern Tank Combat 2
Modern Tank Combat 2

Additional information

Updated : October 13, 2015
Size : 26M
Installs : 10,000 – 50,000
Current Version : 1.0.0
Requires Android : 2.1 and up Content Rating : PEGI 3 Learn more
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