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Zombie Shooter VR apk mod v1.6

Get out from never-ending labyrinths of post-apocalyptic subway, struggle with hordes of blood-thirsty zombies and mutants. Please look at the weapon and choose it, then look at the door to start the game. Requires VR glasses (headset) FIBRUM www.fibrum.com The game implements a freemium system. Please register promotion code or …

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InMind VR (Cardboard) apk mod v0.18.1

InMind is a short adventure with arcade elements designed for the Google Cardboard. It’s also playable without any special viewer. Game is totally free, as well as our new VR project InCell (http://incell.nivalvr.com). InMind allows the player to experience the journey into the patient’s brains in search of the neurons …

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VR Mac-Pan apk mod v1.0

Updating a classic into an immersive VR experience. You are now the Mac-Pan and can travel through the maze-like board, seeing it all in first person. Partake in one of your favourite games, where you get to be the main character! This game was created for the Archiact VR Game …

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VR Battle Helicopters apk mod v1.1

Get ready for an exciting VR experience in the first ever Virtual Reality Battle Helicopters. Take control of your helicopter, fight with your opponents and experience a life-like environment with stunning 3D graphics in complete 360º head movement. How to play• The game is played exclusively with 360° head movements …

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Fulldive VR – Virtual Reality apk mod v0.4.905

What is Fulldive? Fulldive is virtual reality (VR) navigation platform. Fulldive allows you to browse and view a new generation of media, such as watching 3D and 360 photos and videos, and also browse the Internet at a completely new angle like never before. Fulldive VR app works with any …

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VR Youtube 3D Videos apk v42

VR YouTube 3D allows for the viewing of YouTube videos with a compatible VR viewer. Voice control is activated with the magnet when viewing 2D videos from YouTube. To search any video, simply pull the magnet and a mic will appear. Say the name of the video and the best …

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