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MinMinGuard v2.0 Alpha 12 Apk

MinMinGuard v2.0 Alpha 12 Apk
Requirements: 2.2+, Root, Xposed Framework
Overview: This is an app that completely remove ads inside apps.

This is an app that entirely get rid of ads inside apps and offer following features which is much better compared to AdBlock:

1. Entirely eliminate the advertisement. You could discover that AdBlock and also AdAway just stops showing the advertisement material, but it can not remove the empty field that was originally taken by the advertisement. MinMinGuard can entirely remove the vacant area!

2. Lightweight. Alternative advertisement eliminating apps (AdBlock etc) constantly run a background VPN solution, which puts a heavy loading on the system. MinMinGuard does not need to run a VPN solution, so it conserves tract sources and also, thus, prolongs the battery life.

3. Per App Level. MinMinGuard allows you select which applications you intend to remove advertisements from. If you just want to get rid of ads from a number of applications, MinMinGuard is your best remedy.

This app has no ads.


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