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Messi Space Scooter Game v1.2 APK


Messi Space Scooter Game – Do you want to meet Leo Messi in real live or win your own Space Scooter or other great prices? Then start playing the Messi Space Scooter Game!

Play as Leo Messi in this crazy endless racing adventure across different planets and through space.
Race against multiple aliens on a Space Scooter to reach new planets and discover strange dinosaurs, dragons and robots.
Evade obstacles and use special abilities to catch up with your opponents, but watch out for those nasty missiles they send your way.
As always, Messi will keep his head cool and performs some cool tricks with his Space Scooter, even when he’s in space.
• Officialy approved and supported game by Messi
• Unlock special outfits for Messi
• Unlock the alien characters
• Race on three different planets
• Upgrade your Space Scooter
• Exciting end boss battles
• Challenge your friends
• Play for real prices
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  • Official Trailer

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