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Marbelous v1.0.0 MOD APK



Marbelous v1.0.0 MOD APK Control your marble through a maze that is filled with twists and turns, spikes, and turrets. When the spikes show up in a room, they will circle around the room quickly and when a turret shows up, it will be in the center of the room and will aim towards you and fire a laser. The bar at the top left is your health, 5 hits and you are dead. The number below your health bar is how many seconds you have been playing. The two numbers below that are the position of the exit, the first one saying how many rooms to the right the exit is and the second saying how many rooms down the exit is from the start. You always start in and re-spawn to room 0,0.

Control the marble with the D-pad on the left or you can turn on the accelerator with the button on the right. Tap the ball to reset the game.

You have 3 difficulties that you can choose from. The harder the difficulty, the larger the maze will be. Each maze is randomly generated. How fast can you make it though this fun game?


 Marbelous v1.0.0 APK


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