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Major Rocks :Mines & Asteroids apk mod v1.2

Major Rocks :Mines & Asteroids apk mod v1.2

Major Rocks: The second release from Super Good Pixel(Started by a former Konami Art-Director), is also our first release in our RETRO ARCADE line of games.

This is our love letter to 80’s arcade space shooters. We are creating our own versions of re-imagined Arcade games for the modern age, while holding onto the classic game-play loved by so many.We hope you can enjoy these games as much as we did making them.

In Major Rocks you control a SGP-Space fighter who’s sole purpose is to clear out sectors to make them safe again. The enemy is warping in Zombie Mines that must be destroyed before you fuel rules out. In addition to mines, you have to deal with alien intruders and stray asteroids that have entered the sector!

Don’t let this angry enemy crush your clan of space heroes! Fight back with your space fighter and write your own hero saga from here on out! This is more than a game of war, its a game of survival!

The game difficultly may be considered HARD to some, but if you keep playing you will improve as you learn what to do. Remember to not always be shooting, sometimes you just need to get to someplace safe.

*Update 1.0.7: Added ability to play the game in “EASY” mode. This mode was added for those users who were getting crushed by “NORMAL” mode.

*NVDIA SHIELD:: “NVIDIA Corporation NVIDIA Controller v01” -(TESTED ON SHIELD)
*Nyko PLAYPAD PRO:: “Broadcom Bluetooth HID” *-(NOT TESTED YET)

This version of the game is free and is supported by ads.You can use the in-app purchase feature to upgrade your game to the full version at any time.

The full version will upgrade your game in the following manner:
-Removes Ads and Ad bar across the top of the screen
-Adds many additional levels to play, which can not be played using the free version.
-Adds an additional player life on new game start.
-You get full fuel on a level start, instead of almost full
-Boss and Maze Boss Levels added (Skull Boss, and Castle Boss)
-Score Multiplier activated (earn more points- get extra lives faster)
-Game doesn’t end early (Free game has limited levels)
-Add ability to BUY and USE game boosts. (Extra Lives/Shields/Alternate Fire/Extra Stars)
-You support the development of more features for this game when you buy the upgrade. If we get enough support we can work on more levels, more modes, or just more stuff!
-Finally you allow us to make more games like this one. (Thanks)

If you like the game please consider leaving us a good review. If you have problems with the game, please consider writing us an email so we can have a chance at fixing the issues you may have.

Our Retro Arcade line is designed to give you fast paced action arcade games.If you love retro classic arcade games such as Galaxian , Galaga , Space Invaders , PacMan , Defender , Berzerk , Frogger , Contra , then we are sure you will love our ARCADE SERIES of games. We hope to continue the line soon! With your support we can make it happen!

Please support us and other indies by downloading our games. Just doing that helps! 🙂 Thanks! We hope you enjoy!

Major Rocks :Mines & Asteroids
Major Rocks :Mines & Asteroids
Major Rocks :Mines & Asteroids
Major Rocks :Mines & Asteroids
Major Rocks :Mines & Asteroids
Major Rocks :Mines & Asteroids

Additional information

Updated : February 28, 2016
Size : 27M
Installs : 5,000 – 10,000
Current Version : 1.2
Requires Android : 2.3 and up Content Rating : PEGI 7 Mild Violence Learn more
Interactive Elements : Digital Purchases
Permissions :

DOWNLOAD: Major Rocks :Mines & Asteroids

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