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MAGPIE – Layers Theme v17.1


MAGPIE – Layers Theme v17.1
Requirements: 5.0+
Overview: Fully supports 2nd M Developer Preview


1. Make sure you have the latest beta of Layers Manager ( 4.4.0b3 + ) 
2. Open Layers Manager -> Uninstall Overlays -> Select All -> Remove all Overlays -> Reboot 
3. Clear Data of Layers Manager (Don’t worry your downloaded themes will still be there) 
4. Open Layers Manager -> Settings -> Turn on “Hide unnecessary Overlays” 
5. Open Magpie Theme -> Choose any apps you want to get themed -> Hit the FAB to apply (MAKE SURE you choose ONLY ONE Framework depending on your Android Version. Framework for M is for Marshmallow Roms) 
6. Pick a Syle -> Base Theme is now TimberWolf Theme 
7a. Reboot and enjoy? or if you want more colors go to 7b. 
7b. Open MagpieTheme -> Choose ONE Accent Color, ONE Primary Color and ONE Background Color OR Choose ONLY ONE Theme. 
8. Reboot and enjoy! 


1. Open MagpieTheme -> Choose ONE Accent Color, ONE Primary Color and ONE Background Color. OR Choose ONLY ONE Theme. 
2. Go to Uninstall Overlays -> Remove previous Magpie Theme TheColor Accent, Primary and Background OR Magpie Theme TheColors Theme. 
3. Reboot 

-Please READ the list of Themed Apps CAREFULLY! 

General Theme : 

– Custom SystemUI Icons 
– Google Velvet White Icons 
– Two Column Settings 
– AOSP and Google Keyboard Background 
– Settings Card 
– SystemUI Styles 
– TheColors Accent 
– TheColors Background 
– TheColors Primary 
– Theme Dark 

Themed Apps: 

– AOSP and Google Calculator 
– AOSP and Google Contacts ( cant be made Translucently ) 
– AOSP and Google Desk Clock ( for Notification only ) 
– AOSP and Google Dialer ( cant be made Translucently ) 
– AOSP and Google Keyboard 
– AOSP and Google Package Installer 
– AOSP Launcher3 
– AOSP MMS ( please note if you have white on white, kindly ask your rom devs to include commits by +David Wilson ) 
– Cellbroadcast Receiver 
– DocumentsUI 
– Framework ( please note, choose only ONE framework, FrameworkForM for Marshmallow ) 
– Google Drive 
– Google Hangouts ( choose ONE ONLY ) 
– Google Hangouts Theme Ready ( choose ONE ONLY ) 
– Google Inbox 
– Google Keep 
– Google Gmail 
– Google MMS 
– Google Play Services 
– Google Play Music 
– Google Play Store 
– Google Plus ( choose ONE ONLY ) 
– Google Plus Theme Ready ( choose ONE ONLY ) 
– Google Now Launcher ( Velvet ) 
– Kernel Adiutor 
– Layers Manager 
– Lock cLock 
– Media Provider 
– Phone 
– Screener 
– Settings 
– Slim Launcher 
– SlimOTA ( use for OTA update in many custom roms ) 
– SuperSU 
– SystemUI 
– Telecom 
– WhatsApp 

List of Styles: 

– Base Translucent ( Base Translucent is now Vermilion Theme ) 
– Base Theme ( Base Theme is now TimberWolf Theme ) 
– Base Light Theme ( Base Light is now AEON Theme ) 
– Inverted Material 
– Inverted Translucent 
– Clean White [WIP] [Marshmallow only] 

Known Major Bugs: 

– Translucent Inbox force close on custom ROMs. It works fine on marshmallow stock rom. 
– Translucent Google Play Services Fcs 

+ Refine BaseDark and Inverted Material Frameworks. 
+ Refine BaseDark Settings and Dark Settings Overlapping 
+ Refine Gradient and BaseDark AOSP and Google PackageInstaller 
+ Refine BaseDark Gmail 
+ Fix BaseDark Inbox slide menu text color 
+ Fix Google Hangouts quick reply 
+ Refine Aosp and Google Keyboard. They now follow the background you choose 
+ Refine Google MMS 
– Remove Notification overlays 
– Remove Aosp and Google Keyboard Background 
– Remove stock Hangouts and G+ overlays. 


+ Inverted Material UPDATE! 
+ re-themed almost every apps in Inverted Material to mke it much better and up to date 
+ add Magpie fling icon 
+ add support for +dustin broken header pack

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