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Lost Journey v1.3.12 APK MOD

Lost Journey v1.3.12 APK MOD The serene music and uplifting backgrounds in Lost Journey convey hope and beauty even in the journey after death. Through Jennifer, players realize that their own strength of spirit will carry them through their own trials in life, and ultimately allow them to reach the end of any Lost Journey.

【Game Features】
– Nomination of Best China IndiePlay Game
-Colorful, soulful artwork draws players into the story and journey.
-Players can literally ‘flip’ the scene to expose new paths and opportunities.
-Reverse Gravity, Bend Time, Manipulate Space… this reality is not as straightforward as it appears!
-Music nicely compliments the Asian setting and relaxed feel of the game.


 Lost Journey v1.3.12 APK MOD

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