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Legend of Norland v3.1.0 (Mod)


Legend of Norland v3.1.0 (Mod)
Requirements: Android 3.0+
Overview: Legend of Norland, a MOBA&ARPG for mobile, is now making huge waves in the whole world. See what’s different!


-A deep and immersive multimedia story experience! Match and combine numerous abilities to fit dungeon!
-3V3 online battle against millions of other players! Collect heroes, weapons and defeat your enemies in this Action game for free!

●Master Art Team
-Beautifully rendered fully 3D graphics
-The art team has taken part in the development of The Elder Scrolls, League of Legends and a bunch of well-known masterworks.

●Training System
-Train and equip your heroes as you see fit, and customize your own team. 
-Switch them during combat and enjoy the frantic combo!

●3V3 Battle – Mass Brawl
-Who’s the strongest? Crush tons of enemies and destroy towers. Your journey to glory begins here!

●Special Quick Time Event
-Slide quickly to cast the exclusive ultimate ability!
Saving Norland, expeling darkness, become the final champion in arena. 
All of these and more are waiting in your Legend of Norland journey.

2.) always crit
3.) god mode when low HP (read below)
4.) auto enabled by default, toggle to get into manual
5.) added lifesteal (read below)
6.) significantly shorten CD, including the ulti CD

1.) 5% of every (boosted) atk your heroes made will be translated into HP

God mode:
1.) activated when your hero HP is low
2.) once activated, will last up to 10 secs
3.) multiple activation is possible during a single fight
4.) dmg received is significantly reduced
5.) dmg produced is significantly boosted
6.) lifesteal is further boosted

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