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League Of Underworld v1.5.1 [Mega Mod]


League Of Underworld v1.5.1 [Mega Mod]

Requirements: 4.0+

>> War Between Vampire And Werewolf Is On The Verge!!<<

It takes one year to elaborately produce this U3D action mobile game of 2015!
Enjoy the killing spree!
A dark fantasy game with free fabulous wings, weapon, etc!


–Delicate Graphics With Unity 3D –
Enjoy a visual feast of U3D delicate graphics and cool special effects that can rival masterpieces of client games!

— Exciting Feeling Of Attack—
Initiative TSD battle mode offers you perfect fighting experience — lift or levitate, endless slash!

— Realtime Legion War —
Let us fight in team instances, 1V1 and 3V3 realtime PK! Dominate the world as the winner of Legion War!

–Freely Instant Voice —
Instant voice makes it easy for legion, team, friend communication.

–Novel Gameplay Of Werewolf —
Experience unique battle pleasure in werewolf transform!

–Special Graphic Effects, Handy Gameplay, Strong Attack Feeling – All Make You Fall In Love With Fighting! –Innovative Battle Gameplay, Werewolf Transform, TSD Battle Mode, Cool Combo Skills – All Immerse You In The Game!
–Various Social Contact And Interaction Like Forming Teams, Chatting, PK, Legion War – All Bring You Fun And Relaxation!
League Of Underworld, the 2015 Unity 3D action mobile game that you can never miss!

1,Installation Needs A Short Time After Resource Downloading. Please Wait. Patient.
2,2. If you cannot play the game even after the update process reaches 100%, please download APK version at our official website or Facebook homepage.


Ⅰ. [New] 1. The brand new main city "Frozen" is opening!
2. The new map of neve field allows 20 players to challenge bosses in one screen at the same time!
3. A new system of Mars.
4. A new gameplay of Equipment Enchantment.
5. The new red Rune.
6. The new Lv.20 Equipment.

Mega Mod Info:
1. No Skill Cooldown.
2. Skill Always Useable.
3. Slightly Increased Run Speed. [ Not Enough To Get Detected ] 4. Slightly Increased Roll Speed. [ Not Enough To Get Detected ] 5. Slightly Increased Attack Speed. [ Not Enough To Get Detected ] 6. Increased Attack Range.
7. Most attacks do Area Damage. [ Not All of them ] 8. Anti-ban. [Un-Tested]

More Info:

Download Instructions: GloryWar.




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