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Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ v1.2.0 [Japanese/Mod]


Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ v1.2.0 [Japanese/Mod]
Requirements: 4.0+/Root
Overview: Gameplay involves players navigating a customized avatar through Disney-inspired worlds fighting enemies, along with taking down bosses in multiplayer matches in competition with other teams. A version of the game for mobile devices, Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ, was released in Japan on September 3, 2015, with a release in North America also planned for a later unspecified date.


Kingdom Hearts χ is a prequel to the Kingdom Hearts series as a whole, taking place before the Keyblade War, the event which established the current organization of the Kingdom Hearts universe. The player assumes the role of a Keyblade wielder who joins one of five factions led by Keyblade Masters fighting for control of the limited Light existing in the world. The game’s plot is connected to Kingdom Hearts III, the next main entry in the series. The title refers to the legendary χ-blade, a weapon central to the series’ story arc.

The game was designed as a playing experience that newcomers to the series could come to. Its presentation was compared to that of a fairy tale, as depicting the usual style of the series would have been difficult on the platform. Both Tetsuya Nomura and Yoko Shimomura, veterans from the main series, returned as director and composer respectively. Since release, the game has received favorable opinions from players.

1 Hit Kill 

NOTE: This game is Japan language only

Install Steps:
This is an unsigned version, so you need to patch your android signature to install this mod.


■ improvement of Quest
– Select the enemy easy as improvement
– HP display improvement of the enemy
■ UI improvement of
– Improvement of Quest preparation screen
– Medal synthesis results screen improvement of
– Improvement of the medal reordering / narrowing function
■ system additions, modifications
– Improvement of early tutorial
– Quest selector implementation
– From the other player’s avatars detail screen, party confirmation, the implementation of the subscription application function
– Reidobosu improvement of relief request display of
– Implementation of Quest skip function
– Adjustment of the attack power of partners medal
– Delete Friends draw
– Unlock function of strengthening Quest
– Add a shortcut to the bonus Jewel purchase
– “! ~ TURN FINISH” the display of the change only during one turn finish
■ bug fixes
– Bug fixes that the forced termination by a specific operation to occur
– Modifications to the correct numerical display in some UI
– Of the event quest “! CLEAR” Wrong display correction
– Display correction of “not specified” in the Avatar board
– Get display correction at the time of some quest of material acquisition
– Bug fixes ability of some medal does not function properly
– Minor bug fixes

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