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仮面ライダー バトルラッシュ (JP) KAMEN RIDER BATTLE RUSH v1.02


仮面ライダー バトルラッシュ (JP) KAMEN RIDER BATTLE RUSH v1.02
Android 4.2+

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Rider rally! 7 people aligned in case assault!
It assembled the strongest team in the past Rider, assault to the battlefield!

▼ rally Rider! Norikome to enemy territory in seven
 hordes of enemies that threaten the peace of the city! Appeared one after another, come hanging attack!
 Rider who was Kase one after another, will confront the threat.
 All If they can get 7 people power up! Wipe out the enemy in a team work!

▼ activate! Chirase kick the enemy with flashy deathblow
 fight back in Its Special Move is a powerful Phantom us.
 Seven Rider is off a deathblow to all at once!
 With a single blow of angry waves, rounded up the Monsters!

▼ formed a Kimi only the strongest team, Michibike Rider us to victory
 from the Rider of the whole series until March from Showa,
 it will Erabidaso the strongest of the seven that can compete in a variety of enemies.
 Now immediately war, assault to the battlefield! !


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