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Icon Pack HD Orbicons v4.0


Icon Pack HD Orbicons v4.0
Requirements: 4.0.3+
Overview: Clear, crisp and sharp HD icons enclosed in a glass orb. The most vivid icons on the playstore….



~ HD Glass Orb Icon Pack
~ Icon mask support to theme ALL icons in your drawer
~ Now contains 1800+ Custom Hi-def Icons at xxxhdpi 192×192
~ Designed to exceed expectations of 1080p screens, looks great on high DPI screens
~ Fully themed app interface
~ 88 original cloud based wallpapers
~ Fully automated icon request tool
~ Direct link to the D&D HD Orbicons Vault – Lots of matching widgets,walls and spare parts!
~ Supports Iconshader to increase brightness/contrast of ‘masked icons’
~ Comprehensive multi-launcher support
~ Multiple Choice Icons with ’Iconpicker’ support 
~ Text Orbicons in eight colours
~ Colour Orbicons
~ This icon pack will NOT work on your standard phone launcher !!
~ This icon pack will NOT work on Go Launcher or Holo + !!

The aim of this pack is very much Quality over Quantity, I have used high res images for all these icons and also tweaked the contrast, brightness and shadowing before placing into a glass orb effect icon. These icons look vivid on modern 1080p screens with high DPI and really pop out! There are a vast number of theming options in this one pack, you have a choice of 8 colour themed text Orbicons with 32 types of each, you have a further selection of simple coloured Orbicons with simple white icons. Just long press an icon and you can select from the icon picker.

There are also a whole host of matching widgets to be found in the vault:
~ There is an Orbicon Weather zooper widget with beautiful high res images which change according to the weather.
~ There’s an Orbicon Battery widget which changes colour as your charge diminishes.
~ There are several simple analog clocks in various colours.
~ There is an information widget called Orbicon Display, this can be fully customised using the multi-colour panels and orbs provided and the text content can be changed.

All of these widgets are unrestricted so they can be changed/used in any way you’d like, if you would like to submit a widget I’ll add it to the vault for others !

Compatibility / Installation:

The creators of the launchers all have varying ways of executing an icon change and the functions they allow; some aspects of this pack will only work on certain launchers. As the launcher developers allow features I’ll be sure to do all I can to make the app compatible, its a shame certain launchers (GO I mean you!!) decide to do something which means an icon pack can only work for their launcher and no-one elses – I wont support such a selfish approach, if you insist on using Go then please turn off the icon base.

Supported launchers – Action Launcher, Apex (Pro), Atom, Aviate, ADW (Ex), Holo, Nova (Prime), Next Launcher, Inspire Launcher,Smart Launcher.


HD OrbiconS 4.0
I made some new Orbicons, they looked better so I had to remake the whole pack again 🙂
~ All new App Interface
~ Every icon remade again at higher resolution
~ 600+ New Icons, now 1800 total
~ 10 New wallpapers
~ New widgets
~ Updates to loads of icons
~ Added system icons for Sony,LG,Moto,Asus,Samsung,HTC
~ Vastly improved icon-masking
~ Activity updates
~ Increased launcher support
~ Reduced app size by 5mb
~ Various other fixes and tweaks

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