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Ice Cream Paradise v0.9.12b2 (Mod)


Ice Cream Paradise v0.9.12b2 (Mod)
Requirements: 4.0.3 +
Overview: Ice cream! Ice cream everywhere! You’d think the residents of Savoreaux would be happy in their world of sweet, delicious treats.

Instead, they’re in a puzzling situation. Everyone in Savoreaux has The Blues, a terrible condition that makes them want to stay indoors, shut off the lights, and mope around all day. There’s only one cure for this sad state of affairs, and Alex the ice cream genius knows what it is!

Ice Cream Paradise is a colorful match-3 puzzle adventure that lets you save the world one ice cream match at a time. Alex is on a quest to serve up smiles to the citizens of Savoreaux, and the trick to doing that is to match ice cream flavors by stacking three or more of them together. Matching flavors produces the most delicious treats one can imagine, just the thing these sad Savoreaux folks need to brighten their day. And when the going gets tough, Alex has some incredible match-3 power-ups he can unleash to produce an epic flavor explosion!

– Save the citizens of Savoreaux by making tasty ice cream matches!
– Unleash grand power-ups that help you clear the screen.
– Solve puzzles to clear special blocks.
– Over 80 levels to complete!

Alex has a lot of matching to do if he’s going to cure The Blues. Help him on his puzzle adventure by matching three, four, or even five ice cream flavors at a time!

Mod Info:
1: Infinite Coins
2: Lives Increase Instead of Decrease
3: Infinite Boosters
4: Moves Increase Instead Of Decrease
5: Remaining Moves 100

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