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Honor of Throne v 1.3.0 [Mega Mod]



Honor of Throne v 1.3.0 [Mega Mod]  Honor of Throne is a combat strategy mobile game where heroes are drawn into an epic war against dark forces. Build your own Castle, sharpen your troops’ skills, and take a Fire Balloon to explore ancient relics and unknown territories to retrieve the honor of your THRONE!

– Build up your Castle and take down enemies’ to win Honor Points and resources!

– Take a Fire Balloon to explore a world full of hidden treasures!

– Build your troops, sharpen your skills and boost your power via the War Academy and Library!

– Sweep off the insidious Dark Force to expand your territory with worldwide heroes!

– Operate Ballistas and Catapults manually to burn enemy castles into ashes!

– The Chess-like maps require smart moves! Making micro actions to conduct the epic war!,


 Honor of Throne v 1.3.0 [Mega Mod]


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