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HeroG Apk v1.2.63 Mod Android



HeroG Apk v1.2.63 Mod Android
A: “HeroG” is a combination of raising, adventure, reaction side-scrolling adventure game, the player plays the identity of the gods involved in a contest between the gods, the goal is to pick the chick will be forced to develop their own hero.

Q: Where is featured in the game?
A: simple but not simple is the core focus “HeroG”, the player may need to be found to interact with objects and chicks on the battlefield itself, the ability to assist the smooth growth of the chick adventure complete, when faced with a crisis, you can use flight spell to quickly avoid a crisis. In each of the game’s weapons are unique, so that players can play with tactics and more abundant element.

Q: consumption?
A: First off free trial, after the sale of unlocked levels plus conscience mall, the mall did not exist garbage.

Q: rate of lost treasure?
A: 10% of all take-off, all things unlocked levels can be achieved in the game, but if you can ask us about investment :)

Q: There are mechanisms to connect it? Need to pay to unlock connection content?
A: On HeroG plan is to connect content, the future will snatch competition connection content war, world leaders battle between players, which are currently set to free updates, only the main theme with a copy of checkpoints will need to pay to unlock.

Q: estimated future revision
A: HeroG future will continue to have the following content revision.
1. The main script (a buyout)
2. Topic script level (jointly with other development teams copy) (a buyout)
3. Friends assistance system (free updates wiring system)

||Game: HeroG APK   ||
||Version:  1.2.63  ||
||Android : 4.0 ||
||Market:  com.NarwhalGT.HeroG  ||
||Internet: Not Required ||
||Mod:  Money + Mana   ||

– Gold
– Gems
– Badge
– Mana

– Mod V1
– Damage multiplier


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