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Heavy Weapon – Rambo Tank v1.0.1 [Mod]



Heavy Weapon – Rambo Tank v1.0.1 [Mod]  Heavy Weapon (Rambo Tank) is a classic arcade action style game.
Heavy Weapon (Rambo Tank) is shoot’em-up arcade action at its best!
You are the driver of the Atomic Tank out to save the world from War ?
You are the only person standing between them and the end of the free world ?
Each level pits you against hundreds of air and a few land units and culminate with a boss fight. This is a great arcade style game, but lacks the depth most gamers expect.

Premptive Strikes, Why Not?
You invade various fictitious countries and eliminate as many enemies as you can on your way to the boss. Each country has humorous facts listed at the mission select screen. One country’s main export is plutonium. Each mission is played twice with different opponents and improved bosses. The main goal is to get to the Red Star headquarters and eliminate the main boss.


 Heavy Weapon – Rambo Tank v1.0.1 [Mod]


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