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Grid Genius v1.0

Grid Genius v1.0

Requirements: 4.1+

Grid Genius is a turn-based, multi-player game with simple rules and complex strategy. Play against friends or the computer to dominate the grid!
Grid Genius is an excellent game for players of all ages. It allows up to four players per match. Each player can input their name and choose their color! The game also includes three different difficulty options for computer opponents to accommodate players of varying skill levels.

When setting up a game, players can choose from three grid shapes: triangle, square, or hexagon. Players can also decide on the size of a grid in order to control the length of a game.

Grid Genius gives players the ability to save a game in progress and reload it later. It also allows players to resume the most recent game.

The game includes the ability to enable or disable whether or not a player is given an additional turn after completing a box.

– Up to 4 players
– Computer opponents with three difficulty levels
– Choose your color!
– Three grid types: triangle, square, and hexagon
– Control the size of the grid
– Save and load games
– Enable or disable repeat mode (Choose whether or not completing a box gives and additional turn to the player who completed it)

Dominate the Grid!

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