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GPS Tether Server+ v2.2.1


GPS Tether Server+ v2.2.1
Requirements: 2.3 and up
Overview: Paid Edition :
– Unlimited usage for GPS Tether Server app, no limitation on time
– Built-in Premium email support
– No advertisements


– Server (usually installed on phone, device which sends GPS data)
– Client (usually installed on tablet, device which receives GPS data)

Features :

– Smartly establish and send GPS info over WiFi
– Encrypt the GPS data before sending For security. This will avoid eaves-dropping and ensure only your devices will be able to receive the GPS data.
– Save and conserve battery by setting application’s run time to your preference, so it does not need to run longer than needed.
– App can run in background without interference, and notifiy if there are errors.
– Supports 3rd party WiFi Tether app for rooted devices.
– Remembers previous server settings and automatically connect when started
– Ability to disconnect clients on the server application.
– User can specify server port to use
– Scan server automatically
– Manually add server for faster access
– Touch text to copy GPS coordinates
– Adjust text size
– Built-in support

How to use it in brief :

– After installing the app, you will need to ensure your device settings are correct.
– For client, ensure the ‘mock locations’ is enabled. It is under Settings (see screen shot)
– For server, ensure the GPS is enabled. It is under Settings (see screen shot)
– Ensure both server and client are on the same WiFi network. You can use your Android device to become a WiFi hotspot.
– Start the server and client.
– On the client, select ScanServer. To be faster, manually add-in the server IP.
– Both server and client should be in “On” status
– Wait for server’s GPS to “Lock-On”, and the client will automatically get the GPS data.

This app has no advertisements

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