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Geometry Solver Pro v1.29 Apk


Geometry Solver Pro v1.29 Apk
Requirements: 2.3 and up
Overview: NaN Geometry Solver is the most advanced application for solving geometry problems. There is a complete solution delivered for each issue to satisfy every teacher or student.

This version is ad cost-free as well as consists of:
– Square pyramid
– Triangular pyramid
– Thales’ theory
– Triangular prism
– Normal octagon
– Normal dodecagon
– Hexagonal prism
– Hexagonal pyramid
not available in conventional version.

Languages: English, Deutsch, español, français, italiano, polski, português, русский, Türkçe, Nederlands.

NaN Geometry Solver is one of the most advanced application for fixing geometry troubles. There is a full option supplied for each and every problem to please every instructor or student.

The application fixes every algebraic issue consisting of those with:.
– fractions.
– tree roots.
– powers.

you could also make use of parentheses, decimal numbers and also Pi number.

An advanced recognition of data entrance enables you to discover the errors swiftly and also fixes them for you instantly.

NaN Geometry Solver will calculate all the parameters of the number, if you go into the necessary information. The order of data access depends on you!

– Do you wish to determine a side of the square? No worry. Nan Geometry Solver will do it for you.
– Do you have an angle and also a side of the ideal triangular? Perfect. Various other values could be computed.

None of your geometry tasks will be an issue currently with NaN Geometry Solver. This application has really innovative, powerful as well as simple – to – utilize user interface.

Furthermore, it consists of all the helpful formulas which you will certainly need to resolve geometry jobs. But thats not nearly enough! You do not need to figure it out just how did you obtain an outcome. This application not just offers you the option, it additionally reveals you all the formulas which had been made use of. Pythagorean Theory, sines and also cosines are not a trouble.

This application is able to do estimation on the following numbers:.
– square.
– rectangular shape.
– rhombus.
– parallelogram.
– triangular.
– equilateral triangle.
– right triangular.
– isosceles triangular.
– circle.
– annulus.
– trapezoid.
– right trapezoid.
– isosceles trapezoid,.
– regular hexagon.
– sphere.
– cylinder.
– cone.
– normal tetrahedron.
– cube.
– square prism.
– cuboid.
– square pyramid.
– triangular pyramid.
– thales’ theory.
– ellipse.
– routine Pentagon.
– Kite.
– Triangular prism,.
– trigonometry.
– normal octagon.
– regular dodecagon.
– hexagonal prism.
– hexagonal pyramid.

– You could compute the inradius and also circumradius on a square or an equilateral triangular.
– Great deals of formulas valuable in solving activities.

Just what’s New.
– Pentagonal prism.

This application has no promotions.

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